Ryan Holley

Not a Stereotype

I had to repeat Year 12 and came to Hagley because I thought I wouldn’t be judged. I knew the school saw students as individuals rather than stereotypes, and when I arrived, no-one cared that I was a second year. I went part time this year because I only needed a certain number of credits and was able to focus on getting those and improving my grades.

If you have a good reason for wanting to do a subject, the teachers will listen, even if you don’t have all the pre-requisites. It’s the same with changing courses – if you don’t need the credits or you’re not enjoying a course, they will help you change. The teachers seem to be connected here and communicate with each other, so they know what I need, which makes me feel supported.

I had cancer when I was 12 and have been in remission for almost 4 years, but I still have some side effects like memory loss and the teachers have been very understanding.