Enhanced Learning Support

Learning Enhancement links strongly into literacy and unites the essential skills of reading, writing and thinking. Learning is enhanced so that students may engage successfully with their learning. A wide range of support is offered aimed at scaffolding students’ learning appropriately to their needs.

  Learning Enhancement is available across all learning areas 
  Identifying students at risk in their learning and the barriers that prevent them from achieving
•  Providing flexible academic and mentoring support.

The accurate placement of students into their ‘best fit’ learning programme:

  • Personal enrolment interview allowing student and family input
  • Diagnostic and other assessment information
  • Transition support

Support within a wide range of curriculum classes for many students:

  • Enhancing students’ understanding of literacy – the ability to read and write, to recognise and understand ideas, to think and express themselves as a pathway to their learning.

We enhance students learning so they can engage:

The Learning Enhancement teachers, work flexibly to support students throughout the college to best meet their academic potential; 

• Identifying students at risk in their learning and the barriers that prevent them from reaching their potential. 
• focusing on strategies that allow students to successfully participate, 

Student support

Collaboration between Wellbeing and Learning Enhancement teams: to support students
Placement of students into appropriate programmes of learning 
Supporting students and their teachers
Liaising between school, whanau and outside agencies.
Goal setting and mentoring
Transition within, and beyond, the school. for students requiring further assessment support.

We offer a wide range of integrated learning support services;

  • Academic Dean – Personalised supports and mentoring for students at possible risk of underachieving and for Gifted and Talented students.
  • Diagnostic Assessment: To identify areas of learning strengths and weakness, including a wide range of computerised assessment,
  • To determine eligibility for Special Assessment Conditions and full literacy reading and writing            assessments.
  • IEP- Individual Education Plan ORS students, supported with an IEP, transition into the senior college at the appropriate level of course.
  • Learning Enhancement teachers – Work with students who are identified as being ‘at risk’ with their learning, and their teachers, to help them to positively engage. Support is provided to adapt the learning programme to better improve student engagement and outcomes.
  • Learning Assistants: Help provide normalized support for students within identified NCEA classes. 
  • Special Assessment Conditions – The school also strongly supports a flexible NCEA programmes able to accommodate a wide range of assessment practice. Eligibility criteria can be assessed, and applications made, for students requiring further assessment support.
  • Van Asch Deaf Education Centre – inclusive satellite class