Certificate in University Preparation (CUP)

Missed UE by 10 or more credits? Been out of study for some time? Hagley's collaboration with the University of Canterbury can help you get in to tertiary study.

Certificate in University Preparation (CUP)

CUP is a full time, intensive 13-week course delivered at UC. It will help you develop the academic communication, study and subject skills necessary for success at university. Successful achievement of this course gives you entry to university through the Certificate in University Preparation pathway.

The CUP programme will help you to develop the skills necessary for successful university study, including:

  • acquiring subject knowledge for pathways to degree programmes
  • study and time-management skills
  • oral and written communication skills for a variety of contexts
  • analytical, critical and problem solving skills
  • information literacy skills
  • interpersonal, group and teamwork skills
  • building relationships with peers.

Course Components

To gain the Certificate in University Preparation you must:

• complete required oral, practical and written work

• gain 60 credits (by passing the equivalent of four CUP courses), one of which must be the compulsory course TRNS001 Academic writing and study skills

• complete CUP within 12 months of commencing CUP

Your other three papers you can choose, depending on which areas of study interest you.

All optional courses are subject to minimum enrolment numbers.

*For full-time students, CUP is a one semester programme of study. Part-time and distance/flexible options exist.

CUP is for adolescent and adult students who are NZ citizens or permanent residents.
You may have:

  • Recently finished or are finishing a Level 3 NCEA programme but have not yet completed University Entrance requirements.
  • Had a gap year after not gaining University Entrance requirements
  • Been out of study for a number of years and want to refresh your study skills.

To enrol in CUP:
Enrolments in the full CUP certificate are through the university. Please contact the Hagley Transitions Team for further information.

Please note the university fees apply for this full-time course. 

Entry Requirements Note: Enrolment in the CUP is restricted to Aotearoa New Zealand and Australian citizens or permanent residents (who are proficient in English).

CUP welcomes students who:

• have recently finished Year 13 programmes but missed University Entrance

• are under 20 and left school without University Entrance

• have been out of study for a number of years and want to refresh their study skills and obtain further background knowledge before beginning a degree programme.

* A pass result in TRNS001 delivered by Hagley College will be credit transferred to your University of Canterbury Academic Record. 


When you successfully complete the programme you will be awarded the Certificate in University Preparation. This certificate is accepted as an entry qualification for the University of Canterbury and by application, other Aotearoa New Zealand universities.

Hours per week  17-23hrs of classes p/w, plus approx. 24 hrs of self directed learning 



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hagley Tertiary Pathways Programme

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