Georgie Trigg

Our maturity and independence as young people is encouraged.

I’ve never been told that my dreams are too big at Hagley. Instead, I’ve been given opportunities to pursue any goal I’ve set for myself. Next year, I’ll head to Victoria University to begin a degree in Psychology- I want to achieve a master’s, or even PhD qualification. What motivates me is a wish to help people who are struggling with their mental health; I’m also hoping to encourage more inclusivity within the field, like widespread use of NZSL to help people who are hearing impaired like myself. I’ve loved being able to take the Level 3 Psychology course at Hagley and it’s confirmed that I’m heading in the right direction.

Life is full of commitments like whānau, work, sports, coaching, and study. My teachers have shown flexibility and understanding when I’ve needed it. I’ve been able to catch up with anything I’ve missed, as well as take up opportunities to extend my learning. Our maturity and independence as young people is encouraged here, and the teachers work with us to find solutions and new ways of doing things. I feel trusted to make decisions for myself, not just about my education, but my wellbeing too.

Hagley has encouraged my academic abilities as well as allowing me to express my full self as a Year 13 Māori student. We’re proud of our name, Te Puna Wai o Waipapa, and I can feel proud here of my Ngāi Tahu whakapapa.