Student Wellbeing Team

Student Wellbeing Team

Our Student Wellbeing Team, led by Deputy Principal, Jasmine Lambert & Assistant Principal Suzanne Waters, consists of Counsellors, Year Advisors School nures and more. These people are all here to help you along the way at Hagley. If you have any issues during your time here at Hagley, you are more than welcome to speak to one of these people…


Jasmine Lambert

Deputy Principal

Jasmine (Kāi Tahu) leads our work in upholding and strengthening bicultural partnerships throughout the kura. Jasmine collaborates in the strategic oversight of Wellbeing in the College, and is an Across-School Teacher in our Kāhui Ako (community of learning), Te Taura Here o Ōtautahi.

Suzanne Waters

Assistant Principal

Suzanne has a wealth of experience when it comes to the well-being of our students. She oversees the pastoral care and discipline of our Yr 9 - Yr 12 students as well as learning for Yr 9 - Yr 11.

Michael Gilchrist

Head of Guidance

Hagley College’s Head of Guidance comes to us with a wealth of experience in education, both as an English teacher and more recently as a counsellor. Michael welcomes students to come over to Simpson House and meet the team.

Leanne Buchan

Youth and Whānau Outreach

Leanne will be the Youth and Whanau Outreach worker who will serve as a connection between the school, families and students. She will assist students who are struggling to attend school, or no longer engaging in their education. Leanne will make a plan with them and implement agreed strategies to assist those students to promote change with a strengths-based approach.

Chris Patalano

Year 13 Adviser

Chris is one of the Year 13 Year Adviser's. Your tutor may refer you to Chris or you can approach him yourself, you can make an appointment at the Year Adviser's office with Megan.

Nerida Britten

Year 13 Year Adviser

Nerida is one of the Year 13 Year Adviser's

Melanie Rich

Year 12 Adviser

Melanie can work to support you and help you overcome any barriers affecting your learning. Your tutor may refer you to Melanie or you can approach her yourself.

Kat Anderson

Year 12 Year Adviser

Kat is one of the Year 12 Year Adviser's

Robyn Davison

Year 11 Adviser

Robyn can work with you to help you overcome problems relating to your progress at Hagley. Your tutor may refer you to Robyn or you can approach her yourself.

Anna Williams

Year 10 Adviser

Anna can work with you to help you overcome problems relating to your progress at Hagley. Your tutor may refer you to Anna or you can approach her yourself.

Megan Johnston

Year Adviser's Administrator

Megan is our Year Adviser's Administrator. She is located in the Year Adviser's office but you will see Megan's bright and bubbly face around the College. Megan can assist you with making appointments with your year level Adviser.

Illa Russell

Wellbeing Administrator

Illa is the friendly face behind the reception desk when you enter Simpson House. She will make an appointment with the counsellor, supervise time out spaces or just be there for students for a chat. Illa also manages the College attendance process which involves notifying caregivers, promoting and rewarding positive attendance and developing strategies for non attendance.

Anne Farrall


Anne is our school Nurse, she is located in the Health Centre on the ground floor of the main block. The Health Centre provides a service for accidents, injuries or illness while at College.

Carolyn Heyward-Judd


Carolyn is a highly skilled practitioner and has made an immediate impact on her colleagues and the students she has worked with. Carolyn has worked in primary, intermediate and secondary schools as a visual arts teacher and more recently as a counsellor. She uses a range of modalities to help young people to identify, illuminate and grow their existing skills and strengths as well as supporting them to develop new strategies to move them towards their goals. We look forward to her contribution to the well-being of the Hagley community.