Josh Turner

Performer I wish to create stories worth caring about.

I’d heard great things about Hagley from a friend, so I came in Year 11, but it wasn’t till I got here that I found out about the variety of courses available. It seems at Hagley you can take
a course in almost anything you’re into.

I’m passionate about both Drama – I won the best actor award at this year’s Canterbury Sheila Winn Festival – and Music, and I’m planning a career in performance. I’m currently co-directing the Year 12 major production, and this is an opportunity I don’t think I’d get at another school.

This year I was lucky enough to get into a special course for Drama and English students that combines both subjects and makes learning much more engaging and meaningful. We studied Hamlet in English, and then went on to act in a play about Ophelia in Drama, so it all made more sense.

The teachers are super helpful here and it feels like there are so many different ways you can go about your learning.