Rongomai Callaghan

You can learn about things that interest you at Hagley. The School of Music was a humungous change for me because for the first time I could follow my passion and learn about something I
really enjoyed. At my old school, I wasn’t given this option. I wanted to learn Te Reo as well, and the teachers not only allowed me to do this but supported me too. If I miss a class because I’m
at Te Reo, they’re always willing to catch me up.

I’m juggling my music and my studies, and the teachers are helping me to manage my learning and offer huge amounts of support. It feels like the teacher’s sole purpose here is the student, while in other schools it sometimes seems like you’re just a statistic.

I’ve really developed as a vocalist and have learnt a lot about different musical genres as well. I now have a much wider perspective on music and life. I’ve just been selected as a finalist for the Tangata Pacifica Beats Competition and next year, I’m off to the UK to continue my studies as a vocalist.