Beau White

For me, Hagley has been the perfect balance of structure and freedom

Hagley is a place where you’ll feel safe and be able to find your place- no matter who you are. I came to Hagley as a Year 12 student because I wanted more control and freedom over my education. At my previous school, there were subjects you had to take right through school, but I can make my own choices here.

This year, I’m taking three subjects at Hagley, and two days a week I study Electrical Engineering at Ara. I don’t have to choose between one interest or the other. I’ve been given a head start on my future career and have been able to experience a tertiary environment while having the security of my classes at Hagley. My teachers have offered lots of flexibility with the assessments and I haven’t had to worry about missing tests or deadlines.

I think Hagley does a great job of preparing you for the real world. The variety of people, courses, and the whole environment realistically reflects society- more than other schools where everything can feel the same! I feel positive and confident in relating to people from a range of backgrounds, perspectives, and places. For me, Hagley has been the perfect balance of structure and freedom.