Nelly Campbell-Reeves

I came to Hagley because I can work quite well by myself and I knew that there were a lot of drama classes and other interesting subject choices on offer. I love that it’s not so structured – it’s a free and open approach to learning. It doesn’t necessarily work for everyone but for me it’s much easier.

They give you the chance to learn and it’s your choice to make the most of this. If you choose to learn they’re here to help and support you. At Hagley you’re not just a student ID number – it’s much more personal. The advisors talk to everyone and that’s not really a thing at other schools. At Hagley a lot of attention is paid to each student – you will be noticed and you’re not going to get left alone or stuck.

I came from a much bigger school but there seems to be more subjects available here. Stage craft is great and I’m also doing an art passion project course; we’re going to get to exhibit in an art gallery later in the year. I enjoy English, maths and science as well (especially the Earth and Space course)– I’m doing more because I love it and they’re letting me!

Hagley really helps with your independence and relating with other people because there’s not just one type of person who comes here. Having such a diverse mix means that you learn from and appreciate people with their different backgrounds and approaches.

Hagley for me is an environment that will support you, whilst pushing you towards unique opportunities alongside a mixing pot of other learners.