Hagley-West Association (Formally Westonians)

The Westonians Association is the organisation representing Past Pupils of the school on Hagley Avenue, known today as Hagley College but known in the past under various different names, many of which included the words 'West Christchurch' or 'Christchurch West.'  

The college of today was founded in 1858 by Charles Fraser, the far-sighted Minister of St Andrews Church and was then located on the corner of Antigua Street and Lower Lincoln Road (Hagley Avenue).  As such, it is one of the oldest schools in Christchurch and from its inception has provided education opportunities to many who otherwise would miss out.

The Westonians Association is not strictly for past pupils; the Association includes teachers and school staff and in fact anyone with a link to the school on Hagley Avenue. All that is needed is an appreciation of what the school has done for the young people of Christchurch in the past and an awareness of what it continues to do for the wider community today, in educating and offering opportunities to young and old alike.

Our Association meets several times a year, mainly on a social basis.  Functions include regular lunches, occasional social evenings, an event or two at Hagley College where we appreciate and participate in the activities of present day students and staff, and a church service marking the founding of the original school, the Boys Academy, at St Andrews Church in 1858.

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