Pie Frances

I chose Hagley because it allows me to be who I am. My mum had gone here and told me that at this school I’d have the freedom to do what I want and to be what I want. So, I said that’s it – I want to be free! At Hagley, I’m free to wear what I like, to dye my hair any colour I want, and nobody judges me for it. I’m just accepted.

What’s most special about Hagley is the connections you make with teachers. They’re so kind and loving. The teachers help you learn, and they listen when you say you don’t understand something. Then they explain it until you do.

I also like being able to take a variety of subjects and to choose my own programme. This year I’m exploring my creative side by doing a lot of art subjects. I’m taking Design, Photography, Art and The School of Fashion. This has helped me think about my future, and how all these subjects can come together to help me get where I want to be.

Where do I want to be? This year I’ve been in the Hagley School of Fashion. The culture is so supportive – you walk in and straight away you feel at home. It’s like a family. My plan is to spend another year or two in the School of Fashion and then go on to the Fashion course at ARA.

There’s a strong sense of community throughout the whole College, even though everyone’s different. I love it when we have themed dress-up days and everyone participates. It feels like we are all in it together.