Muika Dodd

I’m a fast learner, and at Hagley they let you work at your own pace, I have never once been held back. I found myself feeling restricted and unmotivated to learn in year nine; I knew where I wanted to go, and what subjects I needed to take to get there. After talking to my teachers, they immediately did something about it allowing me to skip ahead.

I’ve often had problems with timetable clashes and Hagley has found ways to support me. I don’t know that other schools would take the time to do this. They enrolled me in Te Kura so I could do an online class that I needed while taking the timetable option that I wanted.

Hagley gave me the opportunity to take dance as a level 3 subject, along with my level 2 subjects. I was allowed to join the Hagley Dance Project, which is a pre-professional dance course. I now get to enjoy 8 hours of dance a week along with my other classes.

I love the flexibility that Hagley offers and the fact that the teachers genuinely know you and are so helpful. It’s a really accepting school where it’s easy to just be yourself. The smaller class sizes mean that you get more time with the teacher and you get to know your class better.

Hagley for me is a great school where I’ve been able to do what I want while pushing me to my limits.