Tilly Prichard

Elite Athlete

Hagley helps me manage my training and study commitments. I’m a kayaker. I’ve been placed in national championships and was selected to represent New Zealand at a international competition in Australia this year, where I gained multiple titles in team and individual events. I was able to select subjects here that were fully internally assessed, so I can work on them in my own time. The timetable allows more freedom too. I can move my training sessions around my free periods, and the double periods are easier to manage and focus in.

I came to Hagley because of the wide subject choice. I knew I wanted a career in either psychology or law and you can study these courses at year 12.

The freedom and flexibility I have at Hagley is helping me reach both my academic and sporting goals and to become the best person I can be. It’s supported me in figuring out who I am and what I want. It puts me in the driving seat here.