Giselle Proud

Education is important in my family and we spent time researching schools before deciding on Hagley. Having been home-schooled up until Year 9, I knew that bells and a uniform would be a backwards step; I wanted to take more personal responsibility when it came to school. There’s a focus on learners as individuals at Hagley and I’ve always felt supported in making decisions and exploring a range of interests.

It was a subject clash in Year 12 that really helped to set me on the path I’m on today. I was able to take Level 3 Drama and Dance that year which meant I was working towards NCEA Level 2 and 3 at the same time. Following that, in Yr13, I was accepted into the Hagley Theatre Company’s full-time performance and theatre course. Now, I’m 100% committed to pursuing a career in the performing arts. The chance to work with industry professionals every day in this course makes me feel confident and excited about the future. Next year, I hope to study towards a Performing Arts degree at Toi Whakaari or UniTec.

In my time at Hagley I’ve seen the positive way that teachers and students can work together as equals. Whenever I’ve had an idea about my learning pathway, I was able to talk it over with someone and I felt genuinely listened to. I’m always telling people about this place and how many unexpected journeys can unfold here.
The Hagley School of Music has a strong theory component that has helped me develop as a musician. The main difference is that at Hagley everyone can work on what they are interested in, and if you have a strong passion or ambition, Hagley will cater for it.