Cerwyn Bach-Strong

I feel trusted at Hagley to make choices about my learning

At Hagley, the length of my hair or the style of my clothes has never been a barrier to my learning. I feel free to express myself and I can focus on my interests- at the moment, I’m focused on architecture and design. It’s important to me to keep my options open for the future and I’ve had the flexibility at Hagley to take the Maths and Physics courses I’d need to become an Architect, as well as the likes of Painting and Motion Graphics to prepare for a career in a creative field.

I feel trusted at Hagley to make choices about my learning. The teachers have encouraged me in the challenges I’ve set for myself and supported me when I’ve taken on too much! Even though my weeks can be quite busy with classes, sports, School Council, and as the Student BOT Representative, I have freedom in my schedule to catch up with friends and spend extra time in the Art room which I love.

Just like me, Hagley is diverse. I’ve met all kinds of people and we can all be ourselves, without limitations.