Per Tonascia

I chose Hagley for the people, the subjects and the culture.

I chose Hagley for the people, the subjects, and the culture. The mix of students and teachers here make for a great community. There’s heaps of diversity, kindness, flexibility as well as plenty of opportunities. I’ve learned a lot, both academically and in life, and I know I’ll leave here with an open mind and an appreciation and respect for people of all backgrounds.

Hagley’s flexible approach has made it possible for me to be involved in lots of activities outside of class while also working towards my academic goals. Taking part in lots of sport, going on Outdoor Education trips, and my leadership commitments have all been accommodated for. I can work with teachers to make a plan for catching up on assessments and class work without missing out on other opportunities.

I take a range of classes at Hagley including Psychology, Computer Science, Classics, Calculus, and Physics. One of the unique things about Hagley is the After3 classes and I’ve been able to study German on Wednesday evenings. My academic needs are met here, which means I can learn at the level that’s right for me.