Our Staff

Hagley has an exceptional staff dedicated to our students’ wellbeing and successful engagement in their learning. Our staff build relationships with our students, valuing each individual and treating them with trust and respect.

Rowan Milburn



Rowan leads our student wellbeing team. She leads our staff in shaping how our students engage with learning, with each other and with our teachers. Rowan directs our school calendar, events, day to day student operations, as well as promotes opportunities for student participation and leadership.

Hayden Shaw

Deputy Principal


Hayden leads the College in engaging our students with learning. He has responsibility for leading curriculum design, development and delivery, NCEA assessment as well as building strong self review practices.

Jenni Holden

Deputy Principal


Jenni’s key role is as a liaison between the wider community and the College, fostering educationally powerful connections and relationships. She is the ‘go to’ person for teaching staff and support staff, and she supports several key areas in the school, including oversight of systems and logistics.

Jasmine Lambert

Deputy Principal


Jasmine (Kāi Tahu) leads our work in upholding and strengthening bicultural partnerships throughout the kura. Jasmine collaborates in the strategic oversight of Wellbeing in the College, and is an Across-School Teacher in our Kāhui Ako (community of learning), Te Taura Here o Ōtautahi.

Suzanne Waters

Assistant Principal


Suzanne has a wealth of experience when it comes to the well-being of our students. She oversees the pastoral care and discipline of our Yr 9 - Yr 12 students as well as learning for Yr 9 - Yr 11.

Nathan Walsh

E-Learning Leader


Nathan leads eLearning and the transition of teachers and students to our new learning environments. He also has oversight of the education outside the classroom systems and procedures. Nathan teaches a Year 13 course called Impact Project and is the Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader at Hagley.

Tracy Murphy

Head of Learning Support Services


All students need to experience success in their learning. Tracy and her team provide many services for students who benefit from additional learning support, and by having teachers helping to enhance their learning programme to better cater to identified learning needs.

Sarah Denny

Director of Learning Communities


Sarah leads our work on improving the engagement and achievement of multi-lingual learners, a key priority group at Hagley, with a focus on Pasifika learners as well as multi-lingual learners of other nationalities. She also leads programme development, professional learning and appraisal in our After 3 pathway programmes.

Michael Gilchrist

Head of Guidance


Hagley College’s Head of Guidance comes to us with a wealth of experience in education, both as an English teacher and more recently as a counsellor. Michael welcomes students to come over to Simpson House and meet the team.

Casey Chen

Finance Manager


Casey manages our finance team and oversees the College budget and financial operations.

Sharon Cumming

Director of Enrolments


Sharon oversees the team in our busy Enrolment Centre, which handles a wide range of operations from enrolments to student payments.

Catherine Horne

Student Systems Manager


Catherine manages Hagley’s student data systems, including our student management system, timetabling and facilities use, MOE returns, attendance data, student and caregiver reporting and other student data systems tasks.

Michaela Heenan

NCEA Administrator


Michaela oversees NCEA across the College.

Leoni Combrink

Communications, Design and Marketing Manager


Leoni's role involves designing and implementing the College's promotional materials, web and internal projects.

Lisa Amer

Student Administrator/Junior College Enrolments


Lisa has been at Hagley since 2013. She acts as a first point of contact and information in the Senior Leadership Team area for students and parents. Lisa also processes the Junior College enrolments, she's whom you will deal with if you are interested in coming to Hagley as a Year 9 student.

Sherron Harrison

Senior Leadership Team Secretary


Sherron is secretary for the Senior Leadership team, Principal’s PA as well as our HR Administrator.

Sue Broadstock



Sue is the first point of contact for Hagley visitors. She is the receptionist in our main office.

Graeme Cochrane

Property Manager


Graeme is responsible for the management and care of our facilities, grounds and buildings.

Andy Gorton

Director of Infrastructure and Digital Strategy


Andy directs our infrastructure and IT strategy and developments across the College.


Adult Literacy Centre

Jo Fox

After 3

Pip Judge


Lucy Holland


Kim Swann

College of Practical Design

Vicki Dixon


Anna Taylor


Fiona Brownlie

English Language Learning

Tara de Coninck


Angela Brett


Kevin Roberts

Performing Arts

Cameron Mattox

Physical Education

Bridget Fairweather


Rosa Hughes-Currie

Social Sciences

Nadene Brouwer

Te Reo Māori

Sondra Pawhau-Bunt

Tertiary Pathways

Emma Lumb

School of Music

Nanako Sato

School of Fashion

Vicki Dixon

Dance Company

Naressa Gamble

Theatre Company

Cameron Mattox


Rebecca Crowe

Early Childhood

Jenny O'Sullivan

Writers' Institute

Zoe Meager

Year Advisers

Year 13 Adviser (New Students) Tertiary Pathways Manager

Emma Lumb

Year 13 Adviser (Existing Students)

Chris Patalano

Year 12 Adviser (New Students/Existing students until July 2022)

Melanie Rich

Year 12 Adviser (Existing Students from July 2022)

Kat Anderson

Year 11 Adviser

Robyn Davison

Year 10 Adviser

Anna Williams

Year 9 Adviser

Sarah Parder

Year Advisers' Administrator

Megan Johnston


Michael Gilchrist - Head of Guidance

Leanne Buchan - Guidance - Outreach

Suzanne Wood - Guidance Counsellor

Susan Ayson - Kāhui Ako Mental Health Liaison

Carolyn Heyward-Judd - Guidance Counsellor


Anne Farrall