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How Are We Different?

There are many layers to Hagley that make us such a unique and successful school. From our culture and environment to the extensive study options we offer. Take a look!


  • We don’t wear a uniform at Hagley. We’re all equals here that like to express our individuality…our students love that they can show their own style and personality.
  • We pride ourselves on giving our students the best chance at success! We are able to do this through offering study options that you can’t find elsewhere. It’s seriously cool!
  • The Hagley staff are what makes this place thrive. We run a well oiled machine to ensure each of you get the most out of your education. And yes…there’s no Mr this or Mrs that…just first names.
  • Blue hair, dark skin, glasses, freckles…whatever! We celebrate difference at Hagley. Understanding students from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures is a strength of ours and we love the fact we have a diverse, colourful campus.
  • From the get go, you are treated as a unique individual. This sets Hagley apart.
  • We find your best class fit based on your needs and goals.
  • Hagley is renowned NZ wide for having innovative and creative education. We are always looking for ways to keep moving forward in terms of new programmes, exciting pathways and ways of learning. This is a core value of Hagley’s mission.
  • Our students aim high and do well. We believe there is no single stereotype for success. At Hagley, being successful comes in many shapes and forms.
  • We live by our vision statement: lifelong learning that’s accessible to all. Join us and discover for yourself what we mean. That’s what Hagley can be for you – a place that opens up opportunities that are right for you.


At most high schools, students start at Year 9. At Hagley, you can start in the course and level that’s right for you. Whether you come from primary school to join us at Year 9, switch from another high school into our Senior College, or come back to learning after a break, there’s plenty for you to choose from.

From specialist full and part-time programmes, adult education, tertiary pathways and After 3 night classes, Hagley has something for everyone with the ultimate goal of making lifelong learning accessible to all.