Emily Dellaway

Before I came to Hagley, I’d stopped enjoying school. I can’t believe how much has changed in a year! I live out of town, in Waipara, but I’m so happy to get up early and make the trip into school. My favourite thing is how free I feel to be myself here, without judgement, or feeling the need to change myself to fit in.

I know I want to work with children in the future, either in Education or Social Work, so I’ve chosen courses in Health, Child and Family studies (where we visit the Hagley Preschool), and te reo Māori. I already feel prepared for a smooth transition into tertiary study next year. I study full-time at Hagley, but because I don’t have a class on Wednesdays, I can work at my cafe job. I know that learning how to balance study and part-time work will be really important during uni.

Hagley has encouraged connections to my Māoritanga and this year I’ve really strengthened the ties with my iwi, Ngāpuhi, and my hapū. I also play Basketball and I’m helping to organise our Senior Formal. I’ve been able to meet lots of different people and have blossomed into who I am today.