Lucy Constable

Political Activist

I came to Hagley in Year 12 mostly because I got suspended for dyeing my hair blue at my old school, but it’s helped me in many other ways. I have a busy life outside of school. I’m on the board for UNITE Union, I volunteer for the Christchurch Central MP, Duncan Webb, and have just come back from the OECD forum in Paris as a youth delegate.

I can study part-time at Hagley to work around my political commitments. The teachers move deadlines and work with me outside of class. As well as this they allow me to incorporate my interests into my tasks, which probably makes their lives difficult, but makes me more engaged and more interested in managing my own learning.

Last year I did a night class, so I could work during the day, and when the teacher found out I was walking home from class, she was so concerned she drove me home. The teachers really care here.