Zyon Taukamo

I didn’t want to attend the local high school where I live, so I attended one of Hagley’s Open Nights with my parents and I would encourage others to do the same. You get a feeling for the place and I felt good about Hagley.
Hagley doesn’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to education; it’s personalised to fit you. At Hagley I can do subjects like law and psychology which aren’t generally available at other schools. These different subject choices and opportunities are what make this place special. If Hagley works for you it will work very well.

I often get asked what it’s like not wearing a uniform and if it’s weird not having to call teachers ‘sir’ or ‘madam’. This is a key part of Hagley: they dispense with all that unnecessary stuff and put all the effort and the resources towards the learning aspect. The teachers here really know you and are approachable and accessible. They know that there are lots of different ways of learning so they’re adaptable in their teaching styles, customising lessons and using a variety of approaches to help us learn.

I’m proud to say that Hagley is my high school; I’ve been here since year nine, and I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d like to be.