Beni Rae

I came to Hagley because of the subject options. I’m a high achiever, but I’ve learnt more from exploring different subject options than from just being extended in single subjects.

I like that you get to pick your own path here. I came for the computing classes but ended up on a different path. I got a ton of support from careers who found me a job, encouraged me to take a range of different subjects, and helped me onto an Aviation course. Now they are helping me plan my learning programme so I can train as a pilot.
It’s important to me that I get to choose what I do, to keep exploring options and to do well. The teachers here support you in whatever you choose. There’s a balance of independence and getting the help you need. The learning is more catered to your pace. You don’t have to keep up with everyone else or with how the year is ‘meant to be’ planned. if you’re doing well, they let you move on to other standards, or to excellence; if you’re behind they’ll let you slow down and take your time.

There’s no real barrier between the teachers and students here. It’s more than just calling them by their first names. You’re both trying to achieve the same goal – helping your learning.