Designated Character School

In 2015 Hagley College successfully applied for Designated Character Status, awarded by the Ministry of Education to schools offering unique programmes and courses not available in other schools.

That means: 

1. We’re a designated character school established under Section 156 of the Education Act.

2. We act as a regional hub across Christchurch.

3. We provide students with a significantly different learning environment achieved through delivery models not offered in conventional high school settings. We offer a broad curriculum that allows students across Christchurch to access a relevant education designed around their individual needs.

4. Our designated character is lived out:

  • By ensuring the Board, staff, students and the culture of the school values trust, integrity and personal responsibility
  • By being open for instruction between the hours of 8.40am – 9pm to enable access to education by adult students
  • By providing innovative learning programmes which:
  1. include core curriculum, specialist pathways and collaboration with other regional groups
  2. provide for full-time and part-time students who are based both on the Hagley campus and in collaborative — learning experiences across the city.
  3. are for both adolescents (secondary students) and adults.
  4. provide for disengaged adolescent and adult learners, students with previously limited aspirations and for those who now want to engage with learning but are finding it difficult to do so. 

What does our Designated Character status mean for you?

It’s our job to find out if Hagley’s special character will work for you. We need to know whether you meet these designated character criteria to ensure you are eligible to enrol at Hagley. Criteria are:

  • You make a commitment to the College’s values of trust, respect, integrity and personal responsibility.
  • You are willing to engage in Hagley’s culture and environment by being adaptable, flexible and working collaboratively.
  • The College has confidence that you can be supported and that we can make a difference to your learning.
  • There is an identified and agreed programme of learning that meets your needs.
  • There is a place available for you in an identified programme of learning.