Laine Mefiposeta Satano

Hagley has opened wide my world while upholding my values. I started this year at Hagley because of the CUP course they offer and to help make the transition to university easier. I’m quite an analytical and practical thinker – I like things a specific way – so the idea of studying engineering appeals.

I made the move from the North Island early so that I could experience life here, make connections with others and get familiar with my surroundings. It was sort of a shock not seeing that many Pasifika persons around here; being in a tutor group, surrounded by others who are in a similar position to me, has helped me feel like I belong.

Here, the teachers want you to do your best and to succeed for yourself – not to fulfil their expectations. They’re friendly and really helpful – they explain things step by step. At Hagley you learn to self-manage and communicate well. My timetable is quite similar to what it’ll be like at university, sometimes I only have one class a day. This works in my favour because I tend to overcommit – but the flexibility of the timetable allows me to manage my duties at home with coaching and umpiring netball.

The teachers reach out to you with opportunities that are available. I’d never played basketball before, but one of the teachers convinced me to, saying that because I knew netball inside and out it’d be easy. Another opportunity was going to Auckland for ‘Taste of Pasifika’. It was so inspiring seeing all the different performances, learning how art is a big part of our culture, and seeing fashion designs (that have been shown in London and Milan) up close.

Hagley for me is a journey that I want to keep exploring.