Our Values

Enacting Hagley’s values brings our mission statement to life. Our values - trust, respect, integrity and personal responsibility are based on the relationships our staff build with each of our students. Those relationships are the foundation of student wellbeing and learning.

Our values are symbolised by this koru: the tuakana (the older koru fern) shelters the taina (the younger koru) as it grows and unfurls.

Our values (trust,  respect, integrity, personal responsibility) rest within this tuakana-taina relationship:

  • Whakamarumaru (Responsibility): Whakamarumaru means “to cause shade”; the tuakana protects the taina, helping it grow.
  • Whakawhirinaki (Trust): Whirinaki is “to lean upon”; the taina relies upon the tuakana to provide support.
  • Mana (Respect): Mana is the relationship of mutual respect between the tuakana and taina.
  • Tika (Integrity): Tika is to be correct; when something is the way it should be.

With these values in place, the taina of today will become the tuakana of tomorrow.

Our students and staff live out these values in many ways, both at school and beyond school too – for example:

  • Whakamarumaru (Responsibility):  by setting an example
  • Whakawhirinaki (Trust): by believing in those around you
  • Mana (Respect): by appreciating others first
  • Tika (Integrity): by doing the right thing