Nova Taukamo

Ko Hikurangi, ko Whiria, ko Te Maiki, ko Aoraki ngā maunga
Ko Waiapu, ko Hokianga, ko Taumarere, ko Waitaki ngā wai tapu
Ko Porourangi, ko Puhi, ko Tahu Pōtiki ngā tāngata
Ko Nova Taukamo tōku ingoa

I’ve always been a very independent learner and like being in my own headspace and the teachers really respect that. Everyone has their own quirks here and we are accepted as individuals, but you always find like-minded people with shared interests. Everyone’s on a first name basis, so you grow real relationships and empower one another through mutual respect.

When I first started at Hagley, I signed up for as many sports as possible. The PE department created opportunties for us to play alongside some of the seniors and I made many friends from all year levels. I also get to coach and play basketball, ki o rahi and korfball at the highest level. I’m not sure what my future pathways are yet, as I love both sports and music, but I know I’ll be supported in whatever I do.

This year I had a timetable clash with Te Reo Māori and psychology. The school helped me to keep learning my reo by finding an online platform for me. I’ve participated in an external leadership course ‘Rangatahi tū Rangatira’ which helps to set us up for life outside of school. I’m also on the student council and the Māori Council ‘Te Urungi’ which is a collective group for students, parents and staff voice.

The Hagley community is encouraging and unlocks the potential in all of us; it’s a great place to grow and become the person you were meant to be.