Hagley College Master Planning

Dennis Chippindale and Nikki Thebault from the Christchurch firm Stephenson and Turner are Hagley’s master planners. The master planners’ job is to map out the big picture of what’s possible for Hagley. As they’re required to do, they’ve based their work on our Education Brief. If you want an insight into what’s been guiding them, read from pages 21 to 31 [‘Linking the key aspirations of the school to space’ and ‘Description of new and/or redeveloped spaces’, or see the summary in the Hagley College Redevelopment Aspirations document. The word ‘possible’  is used above because it’s important to keep in mind that ours is a partial redevelopment – not a full school rebuild. A lot of Hagley will stay the same, but hopefully we’ll be able to realise exciting new developments identified in our Brief.