Hagley College is a unique secondary school located in Christchurch, New Zealand. With a rich history behind us and an exciting future ahead, we look forward to showing you what Hagley is all about!

Hagley was founded in 1858 and was originally known as Christchurch West. The mid-sixties saw West re-establish itself again, its merger with the Technical College lead to the founding of Hagley High School.

Hagley is know for it’s innovative programmes, adult learning environments and open/diverse culture. Unlike most New Zealand High Schools there is no uniform requirement and students call their teachers by their first names.

Over 92% of students leave with qualifications and a substantially greater proportion than the national average go on to graduate from a New Zealand University.

As well as the usual NCEA subjects, Hagley offers several specialised programmes. We also offer adult learning and the After 3 programme for night learning.