ELL Day Programmes

Hagley Programmes for supporting and furthering the education and employment of refugee background learners and new migrants.

Full-time and part-time options

English for Living in New Zealand


English Language Learning (ELL) programmes for community, workplace and tertiary level study are provided at all levels (beginner to advanced). Students gain NCEA credits, participate in wider community events and, while learning English, may also learn about how to use a computer, garden in New Zealand and cook New Zealand foods.

Studying at High School

NCEA for adolescents and young adults

A full-time English Language Learning and NCEA programme takes place during the school day. In addition to English, students may study and gain credits in Math, Science, Art, Physical Education and Technology. This programme provides learners with multiple and flexible opportunities to gain credits and an NCEA Certificate.

The programme has a strong focus on careers and pathways planning with individual and small group interviews and planning.

English Language

Workplace (Vocational)

A combination of English Language Learning and Hagley subjects assists students with the transition from study to workplace. The course has a focus on gaining workplace English Language skills.


Literacy credits are necessary for entrance into tertiary level study. This programme specifically focuses on enabling learners to gain the reading and writing credits that they need for university.


This is a part-time ELL programme for students who wish to improve their academic English or gain the IELTS qualification. The course may also form one part of a full-time Hagley programme.

Evening Programmes