Meet the Teacher

Details and booking instructions for our upcoming Senior Meet the Teacher event is below.

This is for parents/caregivers of our Year 11 – 13 students and will be held on the afternoon of Thursday 19th May, beginning at 1.30pm and finishing at 7.00pm.

Please note that, due to rising Covid case numbers in our community, these meetings will now take place online via Video Call. Please continue to follow the instructions below to book appointments.

More information will be sent via the School Interviews booking website early next week. This will include a link for each of your teacher meetings which you can click at the times of your bookings.

Normal classes will run until the end of Period 4 on this day, meaning that classes will finish at 12.35pm for all students.

Bookings can be made at using the Event Code: hrg3j

Bookings will close at 5pm on the day before the meetings.

How to Book Parent/Teacher Interviews

  1. In your Internet browser go to and click on ‘Make a Booking’.
  2. Enter the Event Code:  hrg3j     
  3. Enter your details, followed by the name of the student, and press ‘Go’.
  4. A screen will appear for selecting your child’s subjects and teachers. Choose the subject in the upper box, then the teacher you want in the lower box. Choose ‘Add another teacher’ to add more. To check which teachers you should book with, you can match the cypher codes in your child’s timetable to the staffing list available when you click here.
  5. After you have made your selections, press ‘Go’.
  6. You will be presented with the meeting times available for each of your chosen subjects. Times that have been booked by other parents will not be visible; if no boxes appear then the teacher is unavailable.
  7. Click on the boxes for the times that best suit you. When you have selected times for all subjects, press ‘Go’.
  8. A meeting schedule will appear and will also be emailed to you. Please note that you have the ability to cancel or reschedule meetings, print your meetings or add additional meetings or siblings at this point.
  9. Click the ‘Finished’ button when complete.

When you next go into the system it will remember your details so that you can go directly to the appointments you have made.

  • Careers: Kim Swann, our Careers Leader, is available for bookings if you would like to discuss Careers information for your senior student.
  • Learning Support Services: For students who benefit from additional learning support, including Special Assessment Conditions. If you would like to touch base with a member of the Learning Support Team, please contact Tracy Murphy (Learning Support Services Manager) directly at and a meeting will be set up for you at a later date.

If you are unable to book online, please contact:

Lisa Amer  

Please note there will be an opportunity for parents/caregivers of our Junior (Year 9 & 10) students to meet their teachers during Term 3.