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Primary Industries

This programme provides an introduction to agriculture and farming. It includes industry related projects, sector related studies, and links with the Primary Industries and the local community to provide the opportunity for workplace visits.

The programme is a preparation for entry level industry employment or progress to a Level 3-4 industry training course or Level 3 NCEA. Completion of the full programme leads toward gaining a Vocational award in the Primary Industries pathway. It contributes
60 credits at Level 2, towards gaining an NCEA Level 2 qualification.

Course Components:

Rural Practical Skills
Project work is based on:

  • Growing plants at the quality needed for market supply
  • Working safely with equipment and materials
  • Keeping work records
  • Planning the planting of crops
  • Developing skills for working with plants
  • Understanding the importance of weather and other influences on the lives of people who work on the land

Land Use and The Environment
Gain the skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand land use in New Zealand
  • Investigate soils and fertilisers
  • Design and evaluate a landscape plan
  • Discover how factors affect decisions on future land use
  • Report on the environmental impact of a primary product

Science and Agriculture
An introduction to scientific techniques used in agriculture:

  • Understand the scientific concepts involved in plant and livestock growth and development
  • Learn about reproductive technologies used to improve livestock production
  • Investigate biological material at the microscopic level
  • Discover the adaptations animals have to their way of life


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Carol Gatehouse

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