Thomas Davies

After dropping out of his first high school, receiving a PhD scholarship to the University of Edinburgh was not what Thomas Davies originally planned, but that's exactly what he's done.

I came to Hagley in 2008, after having dropped out of my previous high school at the start of 2007. Though I got reasonable grades, there was nothing that struck my interest and I tended to misbehave in class. I left school not intending to go back, but within a year of full time working I became bored and began to miss academic learning. I enrolled at Hagley soon after. Psychology at Hagley provided an ideal environment for me to think critically. Though I did not know it at the time, Psychology at Hagley was the foundation of a six year tertiary pursuit. I didn’t plan to go to university, rather, I had a compulsory meeting with a careers adviser who told me that I had scraped into university entrance, literally having the bare minimum to get into uni. This came as a surprise to me, and I was pretty stoked, so I gave it a crack and enrolled at uni.

Six years later, I have a Masters degree in Social Psychology and have been awarded a PhD scholarship from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.