Lydia Fay


I chose to move to Hagley in Year 12 to focus on my music and still get UE, but also because the timetable is so flexible. Some days I started later and finished early, which meant I could work on my music projects at home.

My goal was to try and complete UE and Year 13 in 6 months, so I could attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston and study song writing, and with the support of my teachers, I did it and start in September. It was challenging. My teachers encouraged me to drive and manage my own learning, but still kept me on task. I had an individual learning programme and was allowed
to take work home.

The Hagley School of Music has a strong theory component that has helped me develop as a musician. The main difference is that at Hagley everyone can work on what they are interested in, and if you have a strong passion or ambition, Hagley will cater for it.