Christopher Egnot

Free Thinker

I moved to Hagley because I wanted a less stressful learning environment. In my old school, learning was packaged in a way that didn’t suit me. It seemed that everyone had to learn and
progress at the same stage, and if you weren’t at that stage, it was easy to get left behind.

At Hagley, you can manage your own learning a lot more, and are given time and support to catch up. It’s also more individual in how you learn. In my Maths class people are all working at different levels, and if you need extra support, teachers will organise it.

It’s easy to talk to teachers here too; there seems to be more mutual respect, and they are open to different learning styles. It helps also that it’s a much nicer social environment here. Because there’s such a wide range of students, no-one stands out, which means the classes are more comfortable and it’s easier to attend and learn.

I’m happy here.