Start First Year Engineering/ Product Design

Take the fast path into Engineering and Product Design degrees at the University of Canterbury. It’s a three-stage path. Hagley offers stage 1 - Maths and Physics Integrated from June to November. You must have prior approval to enrol in this course. Please see contact details below.

STARTS 23 June 2021

ELIGIBILITY: Those aged 20+ considering a change in career, perhaps as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

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Stage 1
Hagley College After 3 programme

  • Pre-UC Physics and Mathematics integrated course
  • Pre-UC Mathematics course [to build further competence in mathematics required for UC engineering]
  • Visits to UC to be introduced to teachers from the Stage 2 CUP programme.
  • A blended experience of online and face-to-face delivery

• Level 1 NCEA Math
• Algebra fundamentals

Stage 1 Date
23 June – 3 Nov ‘21

Hagley College

Mathematics and Physics integrated class: Commencing Wednesday 23rd June with in person delivery from 5pm – 9pm. Two additional hours of online learning. Concludes 3rd November – 19 Weeks total

Mathematics Course: Commencing Tuesday 22nd June with in person delivery from 6pm – 9 pm. Concludes 2nd November – 19 Weeks total

Final Examinations:
Pre-UC Physics: 20 October ‘21
Pre-UC Mathematics: 27 October ‘21


Stage 2
CUP [Certificate of University Preparation] programme

  • A preparatory mathematics course, TRNS007, for solidifying key skills offered in summer school 2021
  • Two pre-degree courses, TRNS017 & TRNS008, for preparing for the content at degree level in summer school 2022
  • A blended experience of online and face-to-face delivery.

Stage 2 Date
8 Nov ’21 – 12 Feb ’22

Advance your mathematics to prepare yourself for the problems of the physical world.

UC Transition Programme: CUP

8 Nov – 19 Dec ’21
TRNS007 Preparatory Mathematics

4 Jan – 14 Feb ’21
TRNS017 Mathematics with Calculus
TRNS008 Fundamentals of Physics

TRNS008 Fundamentals of Physics
TRNS006 Chemistry: An introduction
to atoms, bonding, and reactions


Stage 3
Use the Physics and Mathematics skills you have learned to begin your journey into Engineering or Product Design.

First Year Engineering or Product Design
• Student advisers in the College of Engineering at UC will design customised first year course of study based on your Stage 1 and 2 performance and   your future aspirations. There are 9 engineering and 3 product design disciplines to choose from.
• Delivered by UC College of Engineering. This will be the start of your full-time degree study.
• Work experience will be taken into account.

Stage 3 Date
22 Feb – Dec ‘21

UC College of Engineering

BE (Hons) 1st Year
BProdDesign 1st Year

Bachelor’s Degree 1st Year

• Support: advice and guidance from early on in your pathway about your study options and the demands and expectations, particularly in Mathematics.
• Skill development: during stage 1 and 2, you’ll be encouraged to develop study habits and strategies for success at degree level.
• Connections:
• Grow an established network of fellow students through the cohort progressing together.
• Throughout the stages of the pathway you’ll be introduced to, and become increasingly familiar with, UC Campus and people.

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To Enrol Contact

UC Pathways Team | Joanna Leahy 03 369 3350

Hagley Tertiary Transitions Programme | 03 3793 090