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Jazz Band’s Success

September 5, 2016
By Nanako Sato

In late July to early August, our jazz music enthusiasts from Year 9 to 13 had a blast in both JazzQuest, which was organised by Ara Performing Arts in Christchurch, and Marlborough Southern Jam Youth Jazz Festival in Blenheim. This year we had four groups entered for JazzQuest and all of them performed at the best of their ability. The level of both competitions is getting higher each year, and some of them perform to a tertiary degree of attainment.

Huge congratulations go to our senior jazz band ‘Dr Vesuvius and the Funk Enthusiasts’ which is co-lead by Nanako Sato and Van Elkayem, for obtaining a Gold award as well as the overall prize for the Best Jazz Ensemble at JazzQuest. Their repertoire was intricate and sophisticated for even professional musicians, and they have been commended for tackling this massive task. After the hype of Sunday at the JazzQuest, the band left Christchurch on early Tuesday morning and went up to Blenheim to compete for another jazz music competition in which they received a Silver award. Furthermore, we are delighted and proud to announce that one of the guitarists, Year 13 Morgan Liddicoat, has won the Massey University Conservatorium of Music Award for Most Outstanding Guitarist.

Special congratulations go to our Junior Jazz Band which is lead by Sue McLachlan, who received a Bronze award. It was highly exciting to evidence this young group’s polished and energetic performance at the JazzQuest.

All of the above groups as well as Choir, Oddity, Cabaret group, and Chamber group have successfully performed to a supportive audience in the recent Groups Evening for friends and parents at the Ara Performing Arts.

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