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Hagley student finalist in NZ Fashion Week

September 14, 2015
By Sarah Denny

Garments from Kristy's collection, Aho Manawa.

Garments from Kristy's collection, Aho Manawa.

Hagley After 3 student Kristy Bedi was a finalist New Zealand Fashion Week 2015, 3rd in Emerging Designer Category.

Kristy Bedi, artist, designer and After 3 student at Hagley, showcased her kaupapa motivated designs as part of the Miromoda  showcase at New Zealand Fashion week last month. With her collection, Aho Manawa, Kristy’s classy and elegant designs carry symbols of identity as well as stories of importance.

Kristy, who is qualified in Māori Visual Arts and Political Science, weaves culture and class into her garments and products. Aho Manawa, literally the heart line, portrays kowhaiwhai, which can be likened to the symmetrical and united patterns that adorn the rafters and panels of wharenui. Each pattern has deep spiritual significance which is brought to life in the rich colours, hand dyed fabrics, and etched kowhaiwhai designs that are linked by a single line. Kristy likens this line to an umbilical cord: “It ties us to our whakapapa, to the very creation of the world, to the formation of life itself, to Te Kore, Te Po, Te Ao Marama”.

Look out for this talented and passionate artist whose artistic korero and skill “etch whakapapa into fabric”.

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