Guidance Counsellors

Hagley offers great support for those who need it. If you need someone to talk to, our Guidance Counsellors are there to help.

If you have worries about any issues facing you, family or friends such as money, stress, eating problems, alcohol and drugs, how to stay on at College, exam anxiety or anything else, our counsellors will be happy to talk with you.

Glenyse Hyland and Glenn Newman are the counsellors this year. If you wish to see a counsellor go to Simpson House between H2 and O Blocks. If a counsellor is available they can see you straight away, or you can request an appointment by filling in one of the appointment request slips.

Glenn Newman

Guidance Counsellor

Glenn is one of the school Counsellors, if you have worries about any issues facing you go to Simpson House between H2 and O Blocks and see Glenyse or Glenn.

Leanne Buchan

Guidance Counsellor

Leanne brings a wealth of experience to our wellbeing team. She works both with small targeted groups to enhance wellbeing as well as with individual students. You can find Leanne in Simpson House.

Illa Russell

Wellbeing Administrator

Illa is the friendly face behind the reception desk when you enter Simpson House. She will make an appointment with the counsellor, supervise time out spaces or just be there for students for a chat. Illa also manages the College attendance process which involves notifying caregivers, promoting and rewarding positive attendance and developing strategies for non attendance.