This course is suitable for absolute beginners to those who have done approximately 16 hours of sign language learning. It aims to build skills in NZSL to communicate in everyday social situations with Deaf signers and introduce a basic understanding of sign language and Deaf culture.

Module 1: 

  • Give detailed personal information relating to everyday situations.
  • Recognise and use alphabet (finger spelling) and numbers.
  • Recognise and use basic grammatical features.
  • Use conversational techniques.

Module 2:

  • Make and respond to requests and offers.
  • Develop receptive understanding and expressive signing skills.
  • Talk about yourself and your life.
  • Gain an introduction to important communication behaviours and cultural practices of the Deaf community including visits to the Deaf club.

Module 3:

  • Use communication strategies in culturally appropriate ways.
  • Know how to approach a Deaf person in a Deaf culturally friendly way.
  • Recognise and use basic grammatical features.
  • Develop fluency in finger spelling and numbers.

Module 4:

  • Learn how to use facial expressions and NZSL grammar sentences.
  • Deaf awareness and cultural behaviours will be put into practice, so that you can develop the ability to interact within a community of signers at Deaf club events.

Teacher: Debra Jamieson
Day: Tuesday
After 3 Enrolment Fee: $40
Materials Fee: $60 for unit 1-6 DVD and student work book (compulsory).
Pathways: Completion of NZSL Level 1 will prepare students for entry to NZSL Level 2 in the Hagley After 3 programme.